5 Tips For Riding Megabus

Guess who has a post on travelnoire.com?  ME! ME! ME! ME! Click here to check it out and PLEASE do me a favor and comment on it? I would SO appreciate it! … [Read More...]


Beauty Behind The Poverty

What do you see when you look at these pictures? I was taken by the colors and the elegance of this Ghanian woman. She was getting her money together and taking care of her … [Read More...]


Packing A Checked Bag – What NOT To Do

  Have you ever seen anything like this? I wish I could say this wasn't normal but unfortunately it is. Know why? Bad packing. This checked bag was completely … [Read More...]


5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

Have you heard of Crowders Mountain?  It's an oasis of greenery and nature in North Carolina that is free to visit. Here are 5 tips for enjoying Crowders … [Read More...]


5 Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

Before you leave on vacation there are 5 things to do to make sure you will be able to travel and come home with no extra stress. The following are things I do to ensure I … [Read More...]

Things to see at Versaille

Marie Antoinette Slept Here!

Can you believe that Marie Antoinette slept here? Every time I toured Versailles I was told this is the bed and bedding that was on the bed so many centuries ago when Marie … [Read More...]


How To Prevent Items From Disappearing From Your Bags

Today at work I saw a hairdryer and a pair of sunglasses that had fallen out of a couple of bags. We didn't know which bags they fell out of and no one claimed them. Those … [Read More...]

Wyndham hotel peach tree

Wyndham Peachtree Hotel and Conference Center

I received a media rate for this hotel through a travel campaign with New Creative Media. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Any additional expenses incurred were my … [Read More...]


World Of Coca Cola – Atlanta

I received a media rate for this attraction through a travel campaign with New Creative Media.   I am not following a script, this post is 100% my thoughts.  If you want to … [Read More...]


High Museum Of Art – Atlanta

I received a media rate for this tour through a travel campaign with New Creative Media.   I wasn't told what to write, this is all me!     If you are anywhere near Atlanta … [Read More...]

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