Adedana Xitang, China May 2008

Study Abroad In China

 Have you ever thought about a study abroad program? I studied abroad in France ( haven't talked to you guys about that yet!) and for the next few weeks I'm going to highlight … [Read More...]


5 Tips To Avoid High Phone Bill While Traveling

 What would you do if you got this phone bill? I think I may have passed out. I mean...this is ridiculous but it's a real bill my friend got after her trip to Europe. … [Read More...]


A Different View Of Los Angeles

  Did you know you can get a cool perspective of Downtown Los Angeles from an elevated walkway? Yep, you can and all the pics in this post were taken from different … [Read More...]


Venice Beach Skate Park

There is so much negativity in our news here in America, especially lately when it comes to Black men. I am very tired of only hearing one story about Black men which is … [Read More...]


Breakfast With A View Los Angeles

Do you want breakfast with a view in Downtown Los Angeles?  Look no further than the Courthouse. Yep, the Stanley Mosk Civil  Courthouse in DTLA. There is a cafeteria on the … [Read More...]


Riding Metro In Los Angeles

  Riding the metro in Los Angeles is easy, easier than I think most people believe. I want to break it down riding the metro for you so you can see how easy it is. … [Read More...]


View of Downtown Los Angeles – Westin Bonaventure Hotel

  If you ever want to see a great view while you're in Downtown Los Angeles, feel free to head to The Westin Bonaventure Hotel. I walked into the hotel today and took … [Read More...]


Lunch In Downtown Los Angeles – Bugis Street Brasserie

  Hi all! I'm back! My blog had some issues so I couldn't post for a while but I'm back and telling you were to eat lunch if you're in Downtown Los Angeles.   Today I … [Read More...]


Monster Inspiration Headphones

I was given these headphones to review but the opinions in this blog post are all mine.    I think I've told you how I always travel with headphones and these … [Read More...]


Good Food In Santorini

If you want some good food in Santorini, please make your way to Pito Gyro. I came across this place by walking around and I saw there were tons of locals standing in line … [Read More...]

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