Nascar Hall Of Fame In Charlotte

Have you heard of Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte? It's the mecca for Nascar sports fans, a tribute to Nascar like no other on the planet. When you walk into the hall you … [Read More...]


Tips To Use Paris Metro

Some visitors can feel a bit of trepidation when trying to use the metro in Paris, so here are some tips to use the Paris metro that will help you feel a bit at ease.  As you … [Read More...]


Chateau Du Vincennes

 Have you heard of Chateau Du Vincennes in Paris? It's a little known gem that doesn't seem to get lots of tourists and I don't really know why. It's a lovely way to see … [Read More...]


Dinner In Paris – Au Petite Riche

If you want to experience exquisite French dining while in Paris, be sure to visit Au Petit Riche. There are barely the correct words to describe how fabulous this meal was. … [Read More...]


FlipKey Apartment Rental In Paris

I received a complimentary stay in the Flipkey rental in Paris for this review.  I was given the freedom to write my own opinions regarding my stay.    As you know, … [Read More...]


You Need This If You Are Traveling To Paris!

If you are going to be in Paris and want to experience the city like a local, buy yourself one of these. It's only 0.50 Euro and can be found at any newsstand in the city. … [Read More...]


Cheap And Delicious Dessert In Paris

Paris undoubtedly has some of the best desserts in the world. But sometimes you don't feel like sitting in a restaurant or waiting in line to order a pastry from a patisserie. … [Read More...]


How To Get To Paris From CDG Airport

     If you are traveling into CDG airport and want to go to Paris on public transport, here is one way to get into the city using RER. RER is the regional … [Read More...]


How To Afford Travel

How to afford travel is something many people think is out of their reach. Some people think that it costs tons of money to travel but my hope for this blog is that you will … [Read More...]

Merrion Park

Merrion Square in Dublin, Ireland

Merrion Square in Dublin, Ireland is one of those places you can go to get a break from the hustle and bustle of dealing with the city. It's a lovely park with tons of trees … [Read More...]

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