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Lesson Learned In A Taxi Cab In New York City

I took this picture in the back of a New York taxi a couple of months ago. See that credit card reader? That means this taxi was supposed to take credit cards. When I asked … [Read More...]

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See these books? They are all being given away to three of you!  I have written several times about how much I LOVE these books and I wanted my first giveaway to be something … [Read More...]

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School Uniforms In Africa

One image from Africa that I'm tired of seeing is starving children that don't have enough energy to wipe the flies from their faces. When I was in Ghana I saw so many … [Read More...]

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What To Pack – Overnight Trip To Houston

I am often asked how I only take a carry-on so I'm showing you how I pack so lightly. For instance, when I had an overnight in Houston I only took a very small Travelon … [Read More...]

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Your Shoes Do Not Belong Here

Do you see what I see? That is a pair of shoes on the outside pocket of a checked bag. Do not EVER pack your shoes this way. Nothing of importance should go on the outside of … [Read More...]


Parks In Palos Verdes – Del Cerro Park

Have you ever heard of Del Cerro Park?  I can't believe that until I was home last weekend I didn't even know it existed.  If you take Crenshaw Blvd South until it ends you … [Read More...]


Have You Ever Seen A Car Like This?

Oh the things I see when I'm in Los Angeles! This car was sitting in the parking lot of Commerce Casino. I have no idea who it belongs to, why it was there or why there are … [Read More...]


Do You Keep Your Cell Phone Like This?

Do you walk around with your cell phone in your back pocket? I see this all of the time as I travel around the world and I don't understand it. It's really easy for someone to … [Read More...]


Hollywood Walk Of Fame – Muhammad Ali

Have you heard of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? Did you know there is one star on Hollywood Blvd. that you can't walk on? Yep. Muhammad Ali has the only star on the Walk Of Fame … [Read More...]


Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour In Vermont

Did you know you could take a tour of the Ben & Jerry Factory in Vermont? It's such a cool tour and you get to see how the ice cream is made, what goes into the planning … [Read More...]

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