Nut Allergies? Try This When You Travel!

  I can't take credit for this brilliant nut allergy picture.  A friend of mine named Omar did this for his nut allergy when he is in a country where he doesn't speak … [Read More...]


$200 PayPal Cash Giveaway!

What a better way to start back to blogging than to give you all an opportunity to win $200!  And it's so easy! Thank you all for being patient while I get my head back in … [Read More...]


Robbed At Gunpoint In Rio – Part 1

So it has been a month since I was robbed at gunpoint in Rio and I'm pissed. I haven't been the same since and I'm really not happy about it. I have been sad, depressed, … [Read More...]

This Is Not Good News

I was robbed at gunpoint this morning here in Rio. I'm now flying home early because I am totally freaked out. There won't be a post today or probably for the rest of the week … [Read More...]

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California Science Center 16th Annual Discovery Ball

This past weekend I went to the 16th Annual Discovery Ball at the California Science Center. I could say I was invited because I'm such an awesome blogger and they wanted … [Read More...]


5 Amazing Photos From The Guadeloupe Islands

Have you been to the Guadeloupe Islands? As you know, traveling internationally is one of my favorite things to do and I am always jazzed when I learn about a destination … [Read More...]

Travel books

5 Ways to Plan Your Vacation

People often ask me how do I plan a trip. Here are the steps I normally take: 1.       I look at a world map This may sound kind of silly, but there are so many countries to … [Read More...]


Monet’s House and Garden in Giverny

Have you been to Paris? A day trip that may be worth your while is seeing Monet's house and garden in Giverny. It will definitely take you all day (to get there, see house and … [Read More...]

Muir Woods

Muir Woods

Do you know about Muir Woods? It's a lovely National Monument about 20 minutes from San Francisco, California. If you have never been it is definitely worth going because the … [Read More...]

Money in Argentina

Can I Use Dollars When I Travel Overseas?

I am currently planning a European vacation for a client and she asked, "Can I use dollars when I travel overseas?" She thought that she would be able to use her American … [Read More...]

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