Changing travel plans

Changing Travel Plans

One day at work (at around 12pm) I was at the gate and a family walked up to the counter. They wanted to know if they could get on standby for the next Charleston flight since … [Read More...]


One Thing You Should Never Travel Without

If you are traveling there is one thing you should never travel's a credit card that you can freely charge any unexpected items. I was at work the other day and … [Read More...]


Planning Flights Overseas

Planning flights overseas doesn't have to be stressful. If you take things one step at a time it is actually really easy (but if you don't want to I can certainly plan it for … [Read More...]


How Often Are Airplanes Cleaned?

  How often are airplanes cleaned? Not as often as you'd like to hear.  Airplanes are normally given what is considered a thorough cleaning if they are terminators. A … [Read More...]

european grocery store charlotte

European Food In Charlotte – Bosna Grocery Store

Did you know there was a European grocery store in Charlotte? I didn't. I happened to be driving down Central Avenue (one of my favorite streets in Charlotte) and I saw the … [Read More...]


Farmers Market – Charlotte

   Farmers markets are my favorite places to get my fruit and vegetables and Charlotte Regional Farmers Market is one of the best in Charlotte. They have so much … [Read More...]


Chinatown In Toronto

Chinatown in almost any city I've visited is always a great place to get a foot massage, and Chinatown in Toronto . When I'm traveling and walking all around I love to get my … [Read More...]


Airbnb Rental – Washington DC

    This is my latest airbnb rental. I was in Washington DC a few weeks ago and I rented a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom high rise condo in the heart of Washington DC. It … [Read More...]


Traffic In Los Angeles

Traffic in Los Angeles can be horrific. If you are traveling to Los Angeles and plan on renting a car, you have to be prepared for the traffic. It can be brutal at any time of … [Read More...]


5 Things To Know Before You Travel

1. Know who you are You may be thinking, "Why is this on this list?" but knowing who you are and what you can deal with is very important when you travel. For instance, a few … [Read More...]

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