5 Things To Know Before You Travel

1. Know who you are You may be thinking, "Why is this on this list?" but knowing who you are and what you can deal with is very important when you travel. For instance, a few … [Read More...]

5 Tips For Riding Megabus

Guess who has a post on  ME! ME! ME! ME! Click here to check it out and PLEASE do me a favor and comment on it? I would SO appreciate it! … [Read More...]


Beauty Behind The Poverty

What do you see when you look at these pictures? I was taken by the colors and the elegance of this Ghanian woman. She was getting her money together and taking care of her … [Read More...]


Packing A Checked Bag – What NOT To Do

  Have you ever seen anything like this? I wish I could say this wasn't normal but unfortunately it is. Know why? Bad packing. This checked bag was completely … [Read More...]


5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

Have you heard of Crowders Mountain?  It's an oasis of greenery and nature in North Carolina that is free to visit. Here are 5 tips for enjoying Crowders … [Read More...]


5 Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

Before you leave on vacation there are 5 things to do to make sure you will be able to travel and come home with no extra stress. The following are things I do to ensure I … [Read More...]

Things to see at Versaille

Marie Antoinette Slept Here!

Can you believe that Marie Antoinette slept here? Every time I toured Versailles I was told this is the bed and bedding that was on the bed so many centuries ago when Marie … [Read More...]


How To Prevent Items From Disappearing From Your Bags

Today at work I saw a hairdryer and a pair of sunglasses that had fallen out of a couple of bags. We didn't know which bags they fell out of and no one claimed them. Those … [Read More...]

Wyndham hotel peach tree

Wyndham Peachtree Hotel and Conference Center

I received a media rate for this hotel through a travel campaign with New Creative Media. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Any additional expenses incurred were my … [Read More...]


World Of Coca Cola – Atlanta

I received a media rate for this attraction through a travel campaign with New Creative Media.   I am not following a script, this post is 100% my thoughts.  If you want to … [Read More...]

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